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Tucker Labs, Inc. is a contract design and consulting services company based near Raleigh, NC that guides ambitious startups or mid-sized businesses to bring their novel ideas to life. We specialize in creating electronics designs that either reduce your product COGS, update your product to the latest in technologies, or address your new product needs with a customized solution from scratch.  Tucker Labs has years of experience bringing novel products to market and will guide you from proof-of-concept prototype builds all the way to volume production.  We help you scope, prototype, create, and/or launch innovative products that change the world.

Partnering with Tucker Labs

Tucker Labs offers product development consulting services, from concept feasibility to regulatory compliance and production test or any part in between. This may involve initial critical system design analysis (FMEA) or focused work on a particularly challenging portion of your overall system. We first assist you in realistically scoping your product development project. Then we move to build your first proof-of-concept prototypes with low project risk leveraging our design-for-manufacturability experience. We do this with a system level approach rooted in an in-depth knowledge of low level technologies and volume manufacturing processes.

Tucker Labs designs, builds, and tests custom printed circuit boards, starting from your specifications. Beyond standard, flex, or rigid/flex PCBs, we design electronic assemblies including cabling and interconnects at the system level. We produce small volume prototypes of your printed circuit board or electronics assembly. We also partner with various suppliers and consultants to bring expertise as needed in the fields of mechanical design, optical design, physics, etc.

Tucker Labs also develops the firmware and/or software that brings your product to life, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the hardware. Capabilities include "bare-metal" micro-controller firmware, designing FPGA / VHDL logic, PC software / test scripting. We guide you as needed in your selection of hardware solutions such as micro-controllers, DSPs, or SBCs that best match your product requirements.

Tucker Labs has experience guiding customers through the myriad industry regulatory requirements. Services involve preparation and documentation for electronics, optics, RF, and documentation requirements of CE, UL, TUV, or emissions / interference regulatory compliance bodies. We also can provide testing insight and design guidance to avoid costly redesigns at test time.

Tucker Labs has capabilities ranging from one-off prototypes to pre-production quantities locally, developing and fine-tuning the production documentation and processes as volumes grow. We partner with various high volume manufacturing partners and navigate the product technology transfer process to the most suitable production resources.


Case Studies


Smart Conveyor Control

This was an advanced conveyor belt system that processed multiple zones with multiple sized boxes.  Performed algorithm development and control firmware of multi-zone controllers with detection and automatic error correction of box jams. 


Laser Galvanometer DSP / Driver

Client needed a custom high speed laser scanner driver.  Requirements included built in +/- power supplies, high power linear motor drivers with PID control, and Xilinx FPGA high speed digital signal processing. 


Super Luminescent Diode Driver

A superluminescent diode (SLD or SLED) is a semiconductor diode device that has a broad spectral output like an LED, but has optical properties similar to a laser.  It is often used in Optical Coherence Tomography.  This design had tight SLD current control and module temperature control, and regulatory requirements. 


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Controller

This OCT system controller project included stepper motor controllers, signal generators, analog and power circuitry, as well as high voltage liquid lens focusing.  An ARM based micro-controller with firmware written by Tucker Labs controlled the OCT system.  


High Voltage MEMS Mirror Driver

Client required a high voltage power supply and analog circuitry to drive a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device.  The driver circuitry took low voltage signals and converted them to be compatible with a laser scanning MEMS mirror.  


High Speed Spectrometer Camera

Xilinx FGPA based high speed spectrometer line camera.  Featured VHDL programmable logic arrays configured to capture, buffer, and relay data via USB 2.0 to a PC. 

Dr. Jesse Tucker

Tucker Labs' Mission

To provide design and consulting services that enable our customers to bring amazing new products to market safely and effectively.

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